Born: Downey, California

Lives and works: Los Angeles, California

About: Born and raised in the southeastern part of the Los Angeles County, he uses the technique of stenciling and mixed media to create images of children on unloved walls of his hometown. Considerate and thoughtful, Bumblebee’s work also deals with issues such as child homelessness and the impact of modernity on nature. Despite the seriousness of his subject matter, his works are not heavy. Instead, they are whimsical, playful and exude a sense of childish innocence, freedom and joy.

A short film was made by Handi Films titled Bumblebeelovesyou that explains his creative process and why he does what he does… Watch here.

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On Notably Wild

Bumblebeelovesyou is featured in one of the first episodes of the Notably Wild podcast where we catch up on current life events, discuss his art process, and ask about his career goals.